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Yunus Social Business Center at Kasetsart Business School

Established in July 2016 to promote and implement Professor Muhammad Yunus’s vision of alleviating poverty by implementing the concept of Social Business in Thailand

The Center serves as a key criterion for knowledge on Social Business by

Our Programs & Initiatives

The Bang Krachao Bike Tour Route 2017 project was initiated by the center to establish ethics and values for ecotourism, uphold understanding, the highlight obligation for the conservation of the natural and cultural environment, and facilitate collaboration among tourists, host communities, the tourism industry, the government, and conservation organization. The degradation of the environment is a serious issue, so the center will establish regional, national and international networks in ecotourism and will promote sound communication within the network, advance a database of information and research, institute educational and training programs, and encourage and implement ecotourism in Thailand.

Future Direction

The Yunus Social Business Center of Kasetsart Business School will sustain to lead the way in Social Business research and its influence on the numerous bottom line and merging Social Business into organizations which impact matters and is far-reaching to the society.

The KU Academy is a project of the center aiming to promote and distribute KU products. The center serves as a way to develop and deploy best practices, learn new approaches, and continuously improve the functionality of KU products. Moreover, it provides the institute with a way to merge with their markets and make them more relevant to their customers.

The center plans to develop marketing strategies in promoting KU Products in the future.

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The MOU between Chawna School Cherntawan Chiang Rai, Thailand and Yunus Social Business Center of Kasetsart Business School promotes mutual understanding and cooperation in areas of common interest in education, research, information gathering and action plans that drive business and social changes. The center helps them promote organic rice product and likewise serves as the distribution center in Bangkok.